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Our Capabilities

Meko Construction's highly respected and dedicated team has been delivering quality projects, safely and on time since 1993. With our experience, our depth of talented people, and substantial resources focused in the Northwest, we have the capabilities to rival any size project.

Concrete Pumping

MEKO's exclusive focus right now is to perform concrete pumping.

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Our History


MEKO has played a major role in the constructing of a number of military facilities. Our team of dedicated and skilled employees has performed the site work and underground piping for fuel tank systems to a complex missile assembly building. 

Featured Military/Federal Project
P-978 Missile Assembly Building at Bangor Sub Base (US Navy)

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Roads & Bridges

MEKO's team has taken part in some of the Northwest's road/bridge projects. These projects include the delicate work around some of the NW water ways. With MEKO's environmental consciousness we take pride in keeping the "environment green". 

Featured Roads & Bridges Project
SR539 Horton Rd. to Ten Mile Rd. WSDOT

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Sewer Treatment Facilities

MEKO provides a number of construction services for the waste/water treatment plant industry. Constructing from site work, utilities, underground piping and pond construction. 

Clean water is essential for everyday life. Water treatment plants treat water so that it is safe to drink. Liquid waste treatment plants, also known as wastewater treatment plant, remove harmful pollutants from domestic and industrial liquid waste so that it is safe to return to the environment. 

Water is pumped from wells, rivers, streams, and reservoirs to water treatment plants, where it is treated and distributed to customers. Liquid waste travels through customers' sewer pipes to liquid waste treatment plants, where it is either treated and returned to streams, rivers, and oceans or reused for irrigation and landscaping. 

Featured Sewer Treatment Facilities Project
Brightwater Treatment Plant (King County)

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MEKO has assisted in a major part of building all types of rail system, such as light rail, commuter rail and freight rail. 

As contractor we typically perform all civil work including earthwork, grading, concrete and concrete structures, utilities and drainage. 

Featured Transit/Railway/Airports Project
Juction City Bridge Replacement (Union Pacific)

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MEKO's team of trucks can provide you the hauling capabilities that you need. Our drivers are some of the most skilled in the industry. We have provided trucking from the smallest job to some of the largest in the region. 

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MEKO has always been considered an innovator in construction methods. Over the years, we have gained a reputation for being able to handle the tough underground jobs as well. 

MEKO is capable of installing every type of underground pipeline: cast iron, concrete: steel and plastic - water, sewer and drainage lines; steam distribution above and below ground; telephone and electric cables, including direct burial or multiple concrete encased conduits. As underground utilities and general excavations, have become more complex and critical, MEKO has kept ahead to ensure the highest productivity with the maximum cost effectiveness. 

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